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A dedicated time for you to interact directly with us, ensuring personalized attention and a focus on your specific needs and interests.


Freedom to ask as many questions as you want, allowing for a deep dive into functionalities, features, and any specific concerns you may have.

Customized Walkthrough

A tailored demonstration of the app, highlighting features and workflows that align with your individual or business requirements.

Integration and Scalability

Understand how the app can integrate with your existing tools and scale with your growth.

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Date / Time



A quick glance at your app’s activity, including recent updates and key performance metrics. We’ll walk through how to interpret these insights to guide your decisions.


Explore how to manage and publish content directly within the app. We’ll cover uploading new materials, editing existing ones, and organizing your content effectively.


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My People

Learn about managing user profiles, permissions, and engagement. This section shows how to add or remove users and understand user activity.

My Network

Dive into the tools that help you connect and collaborate with other users and organizations. We’ll demonstrate how to leverage your network for maximum impact.

My Network

Understand the features that allow you to customize the app for your organization, including branding options and organizational settings.


Explore the app’s settings to tailor it to your needs. We’ll guide you through updating your contact information, resetting your password, and ensuring your admin panel is running the latest version for optimal security and functionality.

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